16th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023


Welcome to the celebration of Holy Mass. If you are visiting our parish you are most welcome, do feel free to introduce yourself and join us for coffee/tea in the church hall after mass. 

Please pray for the sick, housebound and those in the armed forces suffering mentally and physically from the effects of war: Deacon Bernard Curtin, Justin Family members & Jessica, Maureen McDonnell. 

Fr Bernard Garrett RIP Fr Bernard’s mortal remains will be received into church at Burford at 7pm on Monday 24th July. His Grace the Archbishop will preside at his funeral mass the following day at 11.30 on Tuesday 25th July. Fr Bernard will then be cremated. 

Confessions are available during exposition at St Joseph’s on Friday mornings, before weekday masses at Burford, at Bampton in the Lady Chapel 4.30-4.50, and of course on request 

Church Choir Rehearsals 7-8pm on Tuesday evenings. 

Sacrament of Confirmation We finished the preparation for this Sacrament this week. The date we have been given by Canon Paul is Thursday October 12th at 7pm. Please remember our younger parishioners who are preparing to take this important step in their lives of faith. 

11am Mass at St Joseph’s Whilst I realise lots of music isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. We shall be aiming to sing all the parts of the mass on the first Sunday of the month when we shall have an organist. On the other Sunday’s we may just sing one or two bits of it so we can learn it. 

Pilgrimage to Walsingham I have enquired into the possibility of a parish pilgrimage to Walsingham. I used to take a group every October half term however that seems to be booked up. The choice we were given seems to be 28-30 August. I am looking into a minibus option to try and keep costs at a reasonable level. 

July, Month of the Precious Blood One particular devotion in the Catholic Church connected to the Passion of Jesus Christ is the honouring of his Precious Blood. It is a recognition of Jesus’ sacrifice and how he spilled his blood for the salvation of humanity. Furthermore, this blood is 

made present through the gift of the Eucharist and is something we can consume at Mass, along with the body of Christ, under the appearance of bread and wine. 

Over time the Church developed various feasts of the Precious Blood, but it wasn’t until the 19th century when a universal feast was established. 

Thank you!! For the cards and kind wishes I received for my Birthday! Thank you too for the collection and for the surprise parties! I must be losing my touch, nothing usually gets past me!! You are most kind! 

Altar Servers and All Youngsters I was reminded via a Facebook Memory of a very happy afternoon spent at Codsall (One of my former parishes) with the parish youth group as it was there playing rounders! It was great fun. I wondered if the servers or indeed any of our younger parishioners or indeed the not so young (We’re not ageist here!) fancied a game of rounders on the Rec one Sunday during the summer?! There’s a sign up sheet in the porch if you think you’d be around and interested. Perhaps 30th July or 6th August?! 3pm?! Or 12.30 as in straight after mass etc?! Let me know what you think!! Reflection for World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly 
“His mercy is from age to age” (Lk 1:50) is the theme of this Sunday’s 3rd World Day for Grandparents  and the Elderly, and it presents to us the joyful meeting of the young Mary and her older relative,  Elizabeth. Pope Francis wants to draw our attention to this meeting as an icon for this year’s  celebration, and to what Church of today can learn from it.  He encourages the whole Church to, “celebrate this Day and to make it the occasion of a joyful and renewed  encounter between young and old.” Taking advantage of its close proximity to World Youth Day, he also  asks the young people attending: “before you set out on your journey, visit your grandparents or an elderly  person who lives alone!” The invitation to celebrate the day is particularly extended to parishes this July,  and to make the Sunday Mass a focal point of generational encounter. Parishes can arrange visits to  the elderly, particularly those who are alone, invite the elderly to attend the Sunday Mass, and help  young and old in preparing for the day, using the liturgical resources.  To facilitate a joyful meeting, like the one presented to us in the account of the Visitation, you might  consider the following: • Plan coffee and cake after Mass, or have a parish picnic. • Encourage grandchildren to bring grandparents to Mass. • Encourage grandparents to bring grandchildren to Mass. • Schools could host refreshments for grandparents or the elderly before the summer break, or visit a local • Arrange activities for families. • Have a photographic display of grandchildren and their grandparents. • Bring young and old together to pray the official prayer. A Plenary Indulgence is granted to those elderly who attend one of the Masses in person to observe  the day or, if unable to attend Mass for health reasons, take part via a streamed/broadcast Mass.  Visiting an elderly person is also one of the possibilities of obtaining a Plenary Indulgence. Above all, Pope Francis tells us, this day is an opportunity to remind our world that God does not  abandon the elderly, as happens all too often in our time, and He desires young people to bring joy  to the hearts of the elderly. What will you do to make this image of Mary and Elizabeth incarnate in  our Catholic communities 

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